Connecting you to the quantum field within.

Wellpoint Hypnosis Method TM assist you in solving the mystery of your life, connecting you to the desires and intentions of your Soul, and creating last change.


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About LE

Lovingly Enlightened is my vision to help others reach their fullest potential through this journey. 

2018 was a truly glorious year for me.  As I embarked on the journey of truth into the possibilities of reaching our fullest potential I could not have foreseen the impact that journey would have on my life.

Although I have dedicated my time to learning more about this journey from the many amazing mentors we have so easily within reach I continue in my commitment to my corporate position in Sales.  In September I completed my First Training Series with the incredible founder, Christina Winslow and team at Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM.  This hypnosis modality can offer you information on Lost History, Hidden Knowledge, Past Lives, Ancestral Healing and Epigenetics.  We live in amazing times and it is my intention that LE will help you achieve your highest potential through positive changes.